Help out NeoAddict!

So you're interested in helping us, eh?

On behalf of NeoAddict, I'd like to say thanks for thinking of helping us! Below is a list of things you can help us out with:

1) Donate unique guides and graphics through the wiki or the forums.
2) Join staff!
3) Donate a 20 GB+ hosting account to us! (preferably, because of their high bandwidth and cheap prices!)
4) Report graphics and content stealers to us!
5) Contact us about security problems through e-mail or the forums.
6) Spread NeoAddict to others!
7) Give us suggestions and comments to make us better.
8) Vote for us on the topsites!
9) Report invalid XHTML coding to us through the forums.
10) Post your testimonials (what you like about NeoAddict) on our forums or on the wiki.
11) Cache NeoAddict's pages so we save some bandwidth ;-).
12) Respect our staff XD.

I think that's a pretty good list of what you can do to help out NeoAddict.

Currently #1 and 2 is our top priority. If you can submit 20+ articles on the wiki for us, you'll get a very nice prize. :-)!

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