Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for the NeoAddict Entertainment Network.

What's BSNN?
BSNN is the BackStageNeopets Network, which currently consists of 3 sites (NeoAddict, BackStageNeopets, and NeoGhostCorner) with a forum, topsites and wiki. BSNN was created to change NeoAddict's main focus to solely Neopets and the remaining content would be given to the sites which they most matched (eg. Coding content to NeoAddict, etc.). Besides, it's easier to say. :D

How do I use the Skin Chooser?
Sorry, the skin chooser is temporarily offline.

How do I use the News Chooser?
Sorry, the news chooser is temporarily offline.

What are those links above the news?
Those links allow you to view different news sections without making them default (so they don't show up everytime you load up NeoAddict).

Where are the links?
The links on the NeoAddict v1 theme do not have any underline to show that they're text - you have to hover over them and if they turn bold (or are already bold), they're most likely links.

You crash a lot. o_O Why?
*sigh* Sorry, sometimes when I edit something, it screws up or the server decides to randomly replace my PHP variables with random numbers, thus messing up the site. Just make sure you report it on the Bug Tracker.

Why don't you work with Macintosh IE 5?
Simple - it sucks. It'd be my nightmare to make it work with Mac IE5, plus it's an outdated browser. :)

I found a bug.
Please *begs*, make sure you report it on our Bug Tracker - the link is located under Main Navigation.

What is this NAlerter?
It displays info about your computer and the status of Neopets, plus it's draggable.

Explain why you hate us via our email forms. :)

How can I help you?
1) Write content for us or submit ideas for it :D.
2) Send some fanmail. :)
3) Report bugs when you see them.
4) Donate a hosting account (if you have some spare change).
5) Post on the forums. :P

Is there a non-Javascript version of your site?
We were planning on making it, but we dropped it because it wasn't really practical. :) It'd only serve to give us more lag. :-/

How does the Default Page chooser work?
It works by setting your default page on NeoAddict to the one you chose, so whenever you go to the NeoAddict main page, it'll redirect you to your default page. You can reset it by either choosing NeoAddict as your default page or choose the Reset Default Page option.

None of the choosers are working.
Are you sure you've enabled cookies? If you haven't, none of the choosers will work, sorry.

How old is NeoAddict?
We're over 2 years old. :D

What browser works best with NeoAddict?
Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 tend to work best with NeoAddict, though Opera 9 does the job really nicely too. ^_^

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