Jubble Bubble Guide

By Eyezablaze2000

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General Game Info:

Description on Neopets
Kelby, a Maraquan Shoyru, and his JubJub friends are going on a hunt for sunken ships and long-lost pirate treasure. The JubJubs can't swim as deep as Kelby can, though, so now they're freefalling! Look out below! Help Kelby cushion the JubJubs' fall before they splat onto the ocean floor.
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80 NP per 100 points

Recommended Strategy:

In Jubble Bubble, you need to create a bubble chain by holding the left mouse button. To release the bubble, you release the left mouse button. You must catch falling Jubjubs, Dubloons, and seashells. These are some tips to help you become the master at Jubble Bubble.

The Steps:

1. Start The Chain Early

As soon as you hit 200 points, it's going to get very hard. The Jubjubs will be falling very, very fast. Kelby can only go a certain speed and most of the time that certain speed isn't fast enough. Start the bubble chain before you get directly under the Jubjub, and then release it when you reach your destination. Be careful though, because if your bubble goes too high, it won't catch the Jubjub.

2. Pay Attention To The Jubjubs

It is helpful to protect all falling things, but sometimes the Jubjubs are falling so fast you can't catch the shell or dubloon. Always catch the Jubjubs before the shells and dubloons. You lose a Jubjub, you lose a life. You lose a shell or dubloon, you lose some points you couldn't have earned if you tried.

3. Aim Carefully

If you miss a Jubjub, you have to quickly start a new bubble chain. When Jubjubs reach a certain height, they can no longer be saved. Make sure you save the Jubjubs before they reach that point. To do that, you must aim carefully and make sure you capture the Jubjub.

4. Be Quick

There are multiple Jubjubs falling, so you have to hurry. After 200 points, speed is an issue. Save the Jubjub, move on.

5. Save Quickly

Play it safe! You may think you can catch a Jubjub later and move on to something else, but they fall faster than you think. Save the Jubjubs fast before they reach the point where they cannot be saved.


None that I know of.

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