Change Log

This is the change log for NeoAddict from April 2005 to February 2006. Please note that this page will not be updated because of our Roots Build topics, which includes more info about bugs fixed and stuff added then this page. Thanks for your understanding.

April 2005

- Added guides, custom error pages and miscellaneous stuff
- Changed news layout
- Added PHP includes to all pages
- Added hit counter on April 28 I think
- Added NNoN and NHFA as affiliates
- Added page headers
- Fixed the Blogs page bug and the news comment bug
- Moved the forums to

May 2005

- Changed calendar
- Added one blog
- Made the pages closer to becoming entirely XHTML valid again
- Added Wall of Shame page
- Tried to create forum login thing
- New layout coming soon!

June 2005

- Changed calendar
- Changed layout :-P
- Moved NeoAddict to
- Added some content (picky pet)
- Changed Cutenews layout
- Fixed some problems regarding forums, cutenews and topsites
- Made some pages more valid XHTML
- Added HTML tutorials
- Added Pretty Neo as affiliates
- Changed the site background to a lighter shade of grey
- Added hit counter
- Added Dacsoft Hosting button

July 2005

- Added Interview with Doug
- Updated calendar
- Changed Marquee from side to side to top to bottom
- Added "Questions" section
- Added favicon.ico file
- Fixed IE sidebar bug
- Edited some parts in the CSS
- Added more affiliates
- Added some more content to the "Questions" section
- Switched NeoAddict to XHTML 1.0

August 2005

- Updated Calendar
- Added a couple more affiliates
- Added Forum Information Bar
- Added the forms
- Added Disclaimer and some other content
- Added me Going-On-Hiatus Bar (removed on the 31st)
- Added bookmark us link
- Re-validated CSS and edited CSS
- Patched the forums and removed some attachment types

September 2005

- Updated Calendar
- Upgraded Cutenews
- Added RSS Feed
- Added Anti-Spyware Guide
- Added New Layout
- Added Last Updated Feature
- Added Password Tips
- Created NeoAddict Toolbar
- Added Pterattack Guide
- Created NeoAddict Guild
- Added Ultimate Bullseye Guide
- Added Meepit vs Feepit Guide
- Added Script Installation Page
- Added Tablet Solutions guide
- Added Neopets Links guide

October 2005

- Updated Calendar
- Added Dubloon Disaster Guide
- Added Javascript Redirect Guide
- Launched NAD
- Added NAD Info Page
- Added PHP Redirect Guide
- Added Tug-O-War Guide
- Added Halloween Layout
- Created Skin Chooser
- Added Starcraft Review
- Added Cliffhanger Solutions Guide
- Added Registry Hacks guide
- Added Backgrounds
- Added Basic CSS Guide
- Added Computer Info Guide
- Reorganized the Guides section and Misc section of the left Nav bar
- Added Windows Status code
- Edited Old Layouts page
- Deleted border off of News Category div
- Edited counter
- Edited Last Updated table
- Got new favicon.ico
- Made News Categories
- Added Javascript Alert Boxes Guide
- Added Neopets Shields Guide
- Added Wall of Fame
- Added Whack-A-Kass Guide

November 2005

- Updated Calendar
- Added the New Year's Layout
- Made NAD more user friendly and more productive (MAIN FOCUS OF MONTH)
- Added GZIP Your Site guide
- Added Speed Up Firefox Guide
- Added PHP Act Pages Guide
- Fixed a few bugs in PHP Act Pages guide
- Added Common Web Colours Guide
- Recoded profiles and plots
- Created Bandwidth Limit Act
- Added Winter Layout
- Upgraded topsites to 5.01
- Added The Persian War: Part 1 Guide
- Added The Persian War: Part 2 Guide
- Upgrade forums to IPB 2.1.2 with a license from wolf
- Re-installed mods to the forums
- Gzipped NeoAddict
- Optimized the entire site
- Added Neopets Sidebars Guide

December 2005

- Updated Calendar
- Added Advent Calendar 2005 link to topic
- Added 7 finders
- Random Titles
- Added Release/Renew IP guide
- Updated Anti-Spyware guide
- Added some weeks to Starbase
- Added Dubloon Finder
- Added What is IP?
- Added Computer Date guide
- Updated Remove Ads in Firefox guide
- Added Cutenews installation guide
- Updated memberbar to v1.1.5
- Fixed Cutenews to XHTML mode
- Updated NAD info page
- Updated Remove Ad in Firefox page again
- Added a component to NAD
- Edited the delete cookies file in the forums
- Fixed paintbrush finder
- Updated toolbar links
- Added 4 more finders
- Added SSI Includes guide
- Added Get A Krawk guide
- Fixed a caching path problem
- Fixed Group Name Indicator
- Added Help Out NeoAddict page
- Replaced old counter with PHP counter
- Installed Quick Reply mod on the forums
- Added Getting a Krawk guide
- Created the NAWiki (MAIN FOCUS OF MONTH)
- Expanded the graphics section by 4-fold
- Abandoned support for Mac IE
- Fixed skin chooser firewall bug
- Added new collapsible div
- Added Self-Freeze guide
- Added Nerkmid Finder
- Added Javascript BD codes guide
- Added a few draggable divs
- Coded a blog
- Fixed Persia War 2 typo (Thanks Eyez!)
- Updated PHP Act Pages (Thanks Ben!)
- Added new affie button (took me like... an hour XD)
- Expanded NAD's colour page detecting capabilites
- Added Graphics counter under Graphics links
- Updated Pet Finder
- Fixed some validation errors
- Added Back To Top ability for footer
- Updated Cutenews design
- Added Summer and Spring skin

January 2006

- Updated Calendar
- Worked on Portal MAIN FOCUS OF MONTH!
- Upgraded NAWiki to 1.5.5
- New forum logo
- New Neopets Daily Link (Thanks Terry!)
- Added NAD button to Cutenews
- Updated NAD frontpage, blog and wallpaper detecting capabilities
- Updated Pet Finder
- Added 9 graphics
- Added collapsible navigation headers
- Added Wheel of Monotony guide
- Added Neopets Links to the toolbar
- Added PHP Load Times tutorial
- Added NAWiki Article to the site - National Neopian Bank (Thanks Isilwende!)
- Added NAWiki Article to the site - Avatars
- Added 5 new graphics
- Added Quartz article
- Added NAWiki Article to the site - Rainbow Pool (Thanks Isilwende!)
- Added NAWiki Article to the site - Jelly World (Thanks Isilwende!)
- Added Protect Yourself from Cookie Grabbers guide
- Added 6 new graphics
- Updated BD Challengers
- Enhanced NAWiki
- Formatted a lot of wiki articles so it's easier to read
- Added Jubble Bubble guide
- Added Poll to Main Site
- New Cutenews Layout

February 2006

- Updated Calendar
- Updated Paintbrush finder
- Fixed XHTML Validation Error
- Added Javascript Confirm Boxes tutorial
- Added Javascript Prompt Boxes tutorial
- Added PHP Redirect 2 tutorial
- Updated Bookmark Us link to CTRL + D for Firefox, CTRL + T for Opera and kept the link for IE
- Centred Poll Options
- Updated Neopets Sidebars guide
- Added Snowball Finder
- Added PHP Write To File tutorial
- Added Search Engine for NeoAddict
- Removed Collapsible Divs in content area
- Replaced with "tabs"
- Added Good Firefox Extensions guide
- Added Valentine's Day Layout
- Updated Winter Layout
- Updated Spring Layout
- Updated Paintbrush Finder
- Updated Anti-Cookie Grabber tutorial
- Added Neopets Rollovers guide
- Released Portal!
- Squashed Search Bar Bug
- Updated Antivirus guide
- Added PHP Identify Browsers tutorial
- Uploaded 16 new graphics
- Added Registry Hacks 2 guide
- Added Potato Counter guide
- Added some new random titles, removed old ones
- Upgraded Poll
- Added 2nd Interview with Doug
- Moved Stats and Neopets Links to right
- Added Dusk Effect tutorial
- Added Screenshots to game guides
- Theme Changer will show your current skin!

Last updated: May 7 2006 [THIS PAGE IS DEPRECATED]

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