Interview with Doug

Today, we're interviewing Doug from NeoNewsNow today. Doug's the owner of NeoNewsNow, one of the most prominent Neopets site on the Internet. (Interviewed by factboy818181)

factboy818181: Why did you decide to restart NeoNewsNow?
Doug: Ian, the (new) NNN's former co-owner actually brought up the idea, but I made it happen.

factboy818181: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Doug: I'm a teenager, live in FL during the school year, and NJ during the summer. I also like tennis, golf, boating, and such.

factboy818181: Did you really buy NNN's layout for about $100 US?
Doug: I'd prefer not to disclose the finincial details about NNN. The hosting is currently the most expensive element of the web site.

factboy818181: Well, OK. How did you find Dacsoft? Googling? Friends recommend you?
Doug: My host? I did work for Duane (owner), and we worked out a hosting deal. I met Duane at WHT. They're a great host.

factboy818181: Well, you got that right. :-) One of my staff asked you if you like Scooby-Doo? (I'm guessing no :-P)
Doug: I used to love Scooby-Doo when I was about 7 or so, but don't really watch it now.

factboy818181: How is it running one of the largest Neopets forum on the Internet?
Doug: NNN is more than a forum, most of our traffic is to the actual site. I enjoy it, but like anything good, it is has its problems.

factboy818181: I'm just curious if you're a Trekkie or a Star Wars fan?
Doug: Star Wars is cool, never been a Trekkie fan.

factboy818181: Now that won't help me debating with Joe. How did you find Neopets?
Doug: Friend started playing it, and we got hooked. We shared an account and made millions of NP.

factboy818181: *eyes boggle* MILLIONS? I bet half of Neopians haven't seen that much NP.
Doug: We had a fully loaded account. Three krawks (all painted), a baby lupe, a size 150 shop, all unbuyable petpets, and when petpetpets came out, four of them, and tons more. A good BD set, and two pets with stats in the hundreds.

factboy818181: Do you know any programming languages?
Doug: I know quite a bit of HTML, but that's about it. Basic CSS, too.

factboy818181: So your staff programmer helps fix those bugs in the modifications on NNN and install them?
Doug: Yes, Mr_Tremor is great. He's a great guy, and a tremendous programmer. NNN is pretty advanced from a programming perspective. The entire site is database driven, and is very highly modified.

factboy818181: Ever played NeoQuest?
Doug: Nope.

factboy818181: How much time do you spend on the computer usually? And if it's lots, how do you manage to balance your homework?
Doug: During the summer, 3 to 4 hours on the Internet a day. I have no problem getting my homework done.

factboy818181: Are you in any of the pre-university programs that high school offers? (Well, some of them anyway)
Doug: My school has AP classes, which I take.

factboy818181: And you still manage to balance time on the Internet and get your homework finished. That's unbelievable. (From my point of view, of course)
Dougs: I do, I'm very organized, and pretty good with time management. I don't have many real skills, besides my skills to organize.

factboy818181: Thank you for letting me interview you. Happy Independence Day!
Doug: You too.

Thank you Doug for answering our questions throughout the interview!!!

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