Interview with Doug 2

Today, we're re-interviewing Doug after what happened to Neonewsnow. (Interviewed by factboy818181)

factboy818181: For the sake of our readers, what happened to Neonewsnow?
Doug: Ian, the (new) NNN's former co-owner actually brought up the idea, but I made it happen.

factboy818181: How did you come up with the name, Neolodge?
Doug: I honestly don't remember. The site was created before I started running NNN, so it was a while ago. Probably just thought it was a cool name.

factboy818181: How long did it take to build Neolodge from scratch?
Doug: If it was just me, I'd still be working on it. It took the staff, though, a good three months.

factboy818181: What's with the emphasis on perfection?
Doug: There are so many mediocre web sites out there - it's important to strive for perfection to stand out.

factboy818181: From a programming perspective, what level is Neolodge at?
Doug: NeoLodge is by most standards, a pretty high web site. We have a very heavily customized CMS that dynamically generates our menus and a lot of our pages. The forums, of course, have quite a few modifications, many of which have been customized to suit our needs. The graphics department has a theme changer.

factboy818181: Are you now the official owner of Neolodge, since what's happened to Neonewsnow?
Doug: Yes. I remained the owner of NeoNewsNow until about three months before I left. I currently own and control NeoLodge.

factboy818181: What made you decide to make a Neopets help site?
Doug: I had been involved with guilds quite extensively, and I worked at a Neopets web site, and liked it quite a bit.

factboy818181: Have you decided whether or not to start a topsites list again?
Doug: That's in the works. Topsite lists take up a lot of resources and we're looking for a good option to do it without causing the site to go slower.

factboy818181: Do you actually have your own server?
Doug: Not at the moment. We actually are in contact with a few hosting companies to get one soon, though.

factboy818181: Do you see Neolodge 5, 10, 15 years in the future?
Doug: That's pretty far off, especially by Internet time. It's hard to judge, but I see the site here for the forseeable future.

factboy818181: Thank you for letting me interview you.
Doug: You're welcome.

Thank you Doug for answering our questions throughout the interview!!!

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