Interview with Ari

Today, we're interviewing Ari from NeoNuttersofNeopia today. Ari's the owner of NeoNuttersofNeopia, one of the most popular Neopets site on the Internet. (Interviewed by factboy818181)

factboy818181: Why did you decide to start NeoNuttersofNeopia?
Ari: I first started it as on a free webhosting site. I guess I just started it for fun and honestly? I was just bored. I started it when I was like 11 years old and I just had nothing to do, and I felt that since I knew some HTML (notice the word some) I should start a website. And after awhile I just moved onto a domain hosting and it sort became more serious. It's still for fun though. :P

factboy818181: What were some of the challenges of making NeoNuttersofNeopia?
Ari: Hm. That's a good question, there were a lot actually. Probably getting a layout was the first problem. Due to my lack of HTML knowledge I couldn't make a layout on my own so I asked someone to do it for me. x) And getting people to help me as well was a problem. Getting staff that I believed were good enough for the job, it was hard. Keeping the content updated, making sure the news gets out on time, and worst of all when I go on vacation and leave the site. But all and all, I've learned to overcome these challenges.

factboy818181: How did you find your host?
Ari: I asked a lot of people before I bought a host, and I looked up a lot of sites on google until I found one that worked for me. Right now I'm using, and it's very reasonable and the customer service is great. I don't think finding my host was very hard.

factboy818181: How old is NeoNuttersofneopia?
Ari: It's actually much older than most people think. People only remember it once it became a domain hosting which was in March of 2005, but actually it has been around much longer from a free webhosting. About 1 year and 3 months I believe. It's older than a lot of other huge sites.

factboy818181: How do you manage to keep your nav bar so organized?
Ari: It's actually not that organized to tell you the truth, there's too many links! Right now, at this moment I'm working on re-organizing it along with the content team and it's coming along well. A lot of our pages are being revamped as well, because they're still the old versions that I made at our old free hosting website with my lack of HTML knowledge (see how I keep mentioning that? X)) So yeah, NNoN's nav bar is going to be more organized. I don't say it's organized now. I even I have trouble finding links on it.

factboy818181: Good luck on your reorganization. XD Can you confirm that NeoNuttersofNeopia was planning to open a Harry Potter section?
Ari: I can confirm that but I don't know how soon. I actually started it myself since I'm an over-obsessive HP fan but lately since school started I haven't really had time. I'm in the middle of the fourth book right now, and we have all the information up till there. It might be released by the end of the year as I'm going to start working after we've revamped NNoN. It's going to be only information and strictly nothing else. I was first only going to make that part of the site for myself and myself only but then I decided to open it to the public when I saw other sites were doing the same thing. I've always made that part of the site second priority over the neopets section.

factboy818181: How did you get such an unique name for the site?
Ari: I don't know, honestly? It was such a long time ago. I guess the name kept popping into my mind, and it wouldn't shut up. I made it Neo Nutters at first, but then people started making rude comments about it. So I changed it to Neo Nutters of Neopia, plus is has a much cooler acronym. NNoN is much cooler than NN. xDD

factboy818181: Have you ever had anyone making sites with names that are similar to your own?
Ari: Once in awhile. I know there's this site called but I don't think they ripped off our name or anything, they're a wonderful site and they haven't stolen any content, etc. from us. It's just a mere coincidence. People have stolen content from us several times, and even graphics. I'm sure there are still sites out there that have stolen our stuff and we just haven't come to know yet. We don't have a Wall of Shame for that stuff because I think Wall of Shames are so humiliating. No one deserves that humiliation and I don't see what's so great about displaying to the whole world people who have stolen from us.

factboy818181: How do you find out if someone is stealing your content? Do people contact you?
Ari: Yes, people usually contact us through e-mail. Once in a while I find out myself, but rarely. I have to really thank the people who contact us about stuff like that though, they're awesome. :-)

factboy818181: Could you give a summary of yourself? People really want to know something about NeoNutterofNeopia's owner.
Ari: Gee. I'm not that interesting of an owner honestly xDD. Well here it goes. Right now I'm 13 and in 8th grade, I'm going to be 14th on March 5th. I like neopets but I am an over-obsessive Harry Potter fan, I love almost any kind of music, so I'll listen to anything. I love sports including tennis, basketball, swimming and skiing. I'm on the tennis and swimming team. I also run track sometimes. Hrm. I have a little brother who's 10 years old, and I wish I had a golden retriever so badly but my dad's allergic. I'd give up almost anything for one... Oh! And I love to shop. I shop at stores like Abercrombe and Aeropoastale, Kohls, and other stores around the mall.

factboy818181: Ever played NeoQuest II?
Ari: I have! And that Neoquest 2 guide on the site? That's what I used. Hehe. I spend about 2 weeks doing it over the summer on normal mode and I got my trophy. I think I actually played Neoquest I but I gave up. I guess that should be my next adventure next summer.

factboy818181: Do you prefer Star Trek or Star Wars and do you think that Scorchios or Slorgs rule?
Ari: Ahah. I've never watched Star Trek in my life. And all you Star wars fans are going to hate me when I say this but I hate Star Wars, I guess I just hate the violence... Slorgs all the way! Wh00t!

Thank you Ari for answering all of our questions throughout the interview!!!

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