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By factboy818181

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Description on Neopets for game: At last, Bullseye is back!!! You have ten shots to try and hit the bullseye in this medieval game of skill and timing! Use the up and down arrow keys to move the crossbow, keep the Space Bar down to build up power, and then release it to fire. If you manage to get a bullseye on the last shot, you can keep on firing until you miss! Lastly, if you get a Bullseye you get a cool power-up to use for the next shot :) Good luck!

Difficulty on Neopets: Medium

Point Chart:
Brown Wood or miss wood entirely: 0 points
Outer (1st) ring: 1 point
2nd ring: 2 points
3rd ring: 3 points
4th ring: 5 points
Bullseye: 10 points and a powerup

Recommended Strategy: In Ultimate Bullseye, you get 10 shots to hit the bullseye, hence the name.

Also, use your powerups towards your last few shots. Don't use them together though, although it might be easier, you might miss out on an extra shot and extra shots can go a LONG way.
Never submit your score if it's less than 30 points. Just retry the game and try to shoot more accurately.
To shoot for more points, aim your arrow slightly higher than the bullseye (very centre of the target) and powerup to a tad over the 5th line (yes, I'm including the leftest line) and you should get at least 5 points or a bullseye.

Also, remember to click the letter representing the powerup then click Next or else you won't get to use your powerup!

If you're using an old computer, use low quality for no lag, if you have a new computer, use high quality so it's less jittery.

Fire ring: Get the arrow to go through the middle of the fire ring and try to get it to hit the bullseye or the rings closest to the bullseye. You'll get twice as much points as you usually do! (eg. Bullseye = 20 points, etc.)

Expanding Bullseye: This powerup allows you to expand the bullseye so that it's easier to hit it. Power up when bullseye is 2/3 of it's maximum size, and fire when the bullseye is at it's full size.

Punchbag Bob: In this powerup, you don't aim for the bullseye, but you aim for the apple on Punchbag Bob's head. You'll get 20 points if you do. If you hit the head or body, or even if you miss the apple by a hair, you'll get no points.

Closer Powerup: This powerup brings the bullseye closer. Use my tips for shooting arrows above. Use the same amount of power.

Cheats: Type in "catapult" (without the quotes) for a free powerup. Type it before you shoot so you can claim the powerup when the Next window pops up.

Avatar: There is an avatar in this game, which is obtained by getting 230+ points.

NP: 800 NP per each 100 points scored.

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