Tug-O-War Guide

By Gemma

Link: Tug-O-War Link.

Description on Neopets for game: In this game you play Brucey B. Tap the keys to pull your opponent into the river!!! Can you defeat the mysterious Jetsam and collect all the passwords? Good luck! Every round you can score 20 points for winning, plus another possible 40 points depending on how fast you complete the level. There are eighteen levels to beat in total.

Difficulty on Neopets: Hard

Recommended Strategy: Tap the two keys, Z and X, to pull. If you tap the two keys too fast, your character won't have time to react. If you tap the keys too slowly, you'll be swimming in the river.

If you want to be another character other than Brucey B, you need a password. They are below.

Theibos= lrslsts
Khadir= sltltsr
Ramset= sslrtrl
Horak= lrlrss

Also, by the time you reach the harder challengers, your fingers will be really tired from all the tapping. If you have Windows 95, 98 or maybe NT, 2K, and ME, press CTRL ALT DEL at the same time to freeze the computer. Rest your fingers and prepare to defeat the bosses!

Finally, if you see a cloud over your enemies head, type in the letters slowly and carefully and they'll be stunned.

Credits and Conclusion:
Credits to Dynamicneo for giving us this guide to use and to Gemma for writing the guide. Thanks very much!

Good luck on your trophy!

Cheats: None.

Avatar: There is an avatar in this game, which is obtained by getting 850+ points.

NP: 200 NP per 100 points scored.

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