Surviving First Week of Grade 9

By factboy818181

NOTE: This guide is semi-specific to a school called Campbell Collegiate, so just skip the parts that are unfamiliar to you. XD

What to pack
Just get basically regular stuff - pens, pencils, paper, etc. :) Don't forget to pay your school fees on the day the school says you should!

You're probably gonna laugh at me for this, but transportation is a very important part of going to school. For you people who think going on the bus is for loners or people with disabilities, think again. Many people ride the bus everyday.

I recommend taking the bus, especially if you go to Campbell, because the traffic is insane in the morning and the evening. Plus, it costs less if you take the bus then it would if your parents drove you and picked you up every day at school.

Avoiding "froshing", "hazing" or "paddling"
The most important rule is to NOT offend any of the seniors at high schools. Don't be a wise guy and if they say something totally wrong (fact-wise), don't say anything.

But then, if you know a lot of people in the senior grades, you are doomed. Doomed! Sorry to scare you. :D

If a senior froshes/paddles/hazes you, tell your homeroom teacher - don't let other Grade 9's endure what you have.

Also, if a senior tells you to go to a "Frosh Shlosh" or a "Frosh Party", don't go. Do you really think they're gonna welcome you? Use your common sense! A few years ago, at one of these events, a student from Campbell got run over by a car. These parties can really get out of hand. Ask yourself this: If the police/RCMP come to the party, do you want to be stuck into a jail cell and wait for your parents to bail you?

Living through the first day
If you're going to Campbell, you're probably gonna get to see a little film about last year and what to expect, then the Principal and Vice-Principals should talk about random stuff. If you're lucky, an Olympic athlete should give you a talk about well, something. I got a lecture/talk from an Olympic Curler, and in 2005, they got a lecture/talk from Catrina LeMay Doan, who was one of the world's best Speed Skaters and lives in Saskatoon.

After that, you go to your homeroom and/or get a tour. You should get an intro from your homeroom teacher, then get your lockers. Oh, for Campbell students, if you got a Dudley lock, turn right twice then actually find your number, then turn left and past the first number and find the second number then turn right and find the third number (no going past first or second number). To open the locker, lift the handle. :D If you need help, ask your homeroom teacher. :D

Some schools may start their actual classes soon after they get to school, but Campbell students (all grades) have to start their mini-schedule (full day schedule, but minimized into like 2 hours) after you get your outdoors BBQ.

"Welcome Week"?
Some schools might not have a welcome week - if yours doesn't, skip this section. Anyways, for Campbell, they have a "Welcome Week" - which should include Gym Riots, Club Day and a Movie Lunch and/or/possibly a Spirit Day.

Gym Riots is when you compete against other homerooms in the gym and the best homeroom wins prizes. :D

Avoid being picked on by seniors
First of all, appear calm and relaxed. Most seniors pick on people who are almost shaking their way into the Auditorium. Second, do not offend any seniors! This is very important! Finally, apologize if you bump into a senior and look into their eyes and don't look at the ground - most people perceive that to be a sign of weakness.

Yes, it is very important to join clubs at Campbell because it's not gonna be fun spending your next 4 years at Campbell alone because you'll most likely regret it in the future.

I recommend that you join Yearbook, mainly because I'm in it and it's the best club because you get coffee and take pictures for the yearbook.

Usually on Welcome Week (your first week/second week at Campbell), there will be Club Day where all the clubs in the school will set up tables for you to join. Make sure you don't miss it, otherwise it'll be a little harder to join clubs you want.

Besides, you'll get to meet new people and have fun. XD

Yes, announcements are insanely long at Campbell, so they had to add 5 minutes to Period 2 to accommodate it you can usually find it on the Campbell website or at the Office if you miss it.

Announcements are very important at Campbell, mainly because if you miss them, you might miss important club meetings, etc. Just make sure to listen carefully with your agenda in hand.

Enjoy high school and for Campbell students, SHOW YOUR TARTAN SPIRIT!

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