Pterattack Guide

By CoinBoyBrian

Link: Pterattack Link.

Description on Neopets for game: Fly around the canyons of Tyrannia shooting the evil Pterodactyls and Grarrls! There are four weapons in total to collect, and each one can be upgraded multiple times. Good luck!

Use the arrow keys to move, and space to fire!

Difficulty on Neopets: Medium

Recommended Strategy: Here are all the powerups labeled from best to worst:

#4 Red/White
#1 Red
#2 Blue
#3 Green

Red is the best one to use, in the long run because you need shorter weapon power-up times.

Do not go after the powerup once you see it! Wait a couple of seconds as birds come after powerups, then you can get it. On the game start screen, be sure to select intermediate because easy will take too long for you to get actual points and hard will not give you enough time to get weapons.

Make sure to stay in the middle so the dinosaur won't eat you and make sure not to touch the sides or you'll lose a life.

You get an extra life every other level (3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, etc.)

Here is a list of weapons levels: (You can upgrade your weapon by getting the next weapons orb of the same colour)

1 Red weapons orb = Pteri-shooter
2 Red weapons orbs = Pteri-blaster
3 Red weapons orbs = HealingSpringSpecial
4 Red weapons orbs = BlastAwayRay
5 Red weapons orbs = AllTheWayRay

1 Red/White weapons orb = Tadow
2 Red/White weapons orbs = Thatsawrap
3 Red/White weapons orbs = Mr. Bones

1 Blue weapons orb = RainbowGun
2 Blue weapons orbs = Lil' Blaster
3 Blue weapons orbs = SparkShooter5000
4 Blue weapons orbs = TheBoro-Vanisher
5 Blue weapons orbs = Double-FistedPhaser

1 Green weapons orb = Spreader
2 Green weapons orbs = Jr. Sweeper
3 Green weapons orbs = Auto-Spreader
4 Green weapons orbs = ReloaderDeluxx
5 Green weapons orbs = Mecha-Blaster

Cheats: None that I know of.

Avatar: Pterattack does not have an avatar. Come on TNT, we want one! For our hard work! :-P

NP: 100 NP per each 100 points scored.

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