Protect Your Account

By factboy818181

This guide will teach you how to protect your account from scammers and from hackers.

Password Scams
Neopets will never ask for your password. ( They will never send you e-mails telling you to give your password to them. If you receive any e-mails telling you to reply with your Neopets username or password, delete them.

Do not give your account to someone to neosit! Your pets will not starve! You can just send them to a hotel for the duration of your vacation and they'll be fed and cared for.

A spyware/adware program called a keylogger logs all the keystrokes you make on your computer. Download anti-spyware programs such as Spybot Search and Destroy and anti-adware programs such as Adaware and update your computer's software via Windows Update frequently. Make sure you also update your anti-virus program and scan your computer once a week.

Password Cracking
Do not use passwords from dictionaries as password cracking programs usually go through dictionary words first. Try to make your passwords as long as possible and it's best if it was some random letters and numbers. Also, do not put your passwords on a file on your computer because a hacker could hack your computer and access it. Try to remember it, but if you can't, write it down and put it in a safe place.

Item and NP scams
Never fall for the rare item and NP scams. (It's where you submit a form with your username and password and the scammer "gives" you the items and NP you requested... if that really happened, everyone in Neopia would be a billionaire. ;) ) They never work. They're just scams from scammers to get your username and password so they can steal your account.

Guild Layout scams
(By Cherry) Someone just did it to me because I have nice pets. They told me they would make me a guild layout for free so i accepted. Then about 5 seconds later they told me this!

"There is some good news and some bad news, the good news is I finishes your layout! The bad news is I cant send it to you in a neomail so can I have your p/w?" I was laughing so hard! I mean, come on! It has literraly been like 5 seconds and he neomails me back asking for my p/w. Of course I reported him. I mean why couldn't he send it to me in an email! So watch out for that because I have been seeing a lot of it!

I think I've covered most of the major scams and things you need to be aware of. If you ever find a new scam, please post it on our forums and we'll add it to this guide.

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