The Persian War Part Two

By Eyezablaze2000

After the battle of Athens and the Persians at Marathon, silver mines were found near Athens. Athens spent this new fortune on warships. As the Spartans were at Thermopylee, the mountain pass, Athens had abandoned their city-state and fleed to Salamis. The Persians knew that no one would abandon their city-state in Greece, being tricked by Athens. Their plan was to lead the Persians into the strait between Athens and Salamis. This strait was very narrow, so Athens and the 20 other city-states they had teamed up with and take the Persians out a few at a time. The Persians went to Athens, and seeing it abandoned, set it aflame.

The Persians were defeated at Salamis. After the defeat, Xerxes turned and went back to Asia, leaving some troops behind. Athens used their new warships to clear out the rest of the Persians. The battle at Salamis was over. Athens had won again.

The final battle was at Platea. The Persians were defeated and the Persians Wars were finally over.

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