The Ultimate Newbie Guide

By Angelica

Everybody seems to notice the newbies (new members to something - in this case, a website) of Neopets just asking for NP (Neopoints) or items. This is the guide for all you new members out there to make enough NP to have fun and support your pets.
So all you have to do is follow these tips and I'm sure you'll have a great time without having to beg for items and points.

1. Starting Off: Okay, you just joined Neopets, and you think, well, time to go beg for NP! No, it's not like that at all!
First thing you do is open a shop. After that, create a bank account. You can deposit NP if you want to at that time. After that, go to your inventory and get your Newbie Pack (which has paintbrushes, so you can paint your pet in pretty colours!) and then you'll be all set to get those points!

2. Earning Neopoints: After you make a shop, make a bank account, and get your newbie pack, you're going to play games.
The game that I strongly suggest you play 3 times a day is Ultimate Bullseye. It is VERY easy and if you're okay at it, you'll get about 800 NP out of 3 plays. Look around Neopets for games with good point to Neopoint ratio. :)

3. Your Shop: When you're done playing games, you could go to Terror Mountain and go to the Garage Sale for some good items at very low prices that you can make profits on.
They restock about every 8 minutes. You could also go to the Neopia Central shops for some great deals, but try not to buy too many things, as some you could buy for a lot of NP but they could be worth very little.
After you've bought items, restock you shop with them. Check the Shop Wizard for the prices on the items. But make sure you refresh, because there are more people selling for lower prices. When you restock your shop, you're going to have to upgrade it, too, because that way it'll hold more items and it will appear higher on the shop wizard.

4. Guilds: If you are in need of a guild, go to the Boards and say that you are 'guildless.' You can earn many good items and NP if you join the right guild for you.

5. Forums: If you have troubles on Neopets, or don't understand something, please visit NeoAddict Forums.

So those are the basic tips of getting the NP you need to survive on Neopets. Have fun, and good luck!

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