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Neopets Dailies

Bank Interest
Make sure you remember to collect your bank interest every day.

Coltzan's Shrine:
Visit the shrine to get an item, neopoints, food or nothing. You can only visit the shrine once every 12 hours.

Fruit Machine
Spin only once a day. Good luck! You could win paintbrushes!

Geraptiku Tomb

Giant Jelly
'A jelly a day keeps the doctor away!'

Giant Omelette
You can only get an omelette here once a day.

Grumpy Old King
If he likes your joke, you'll get a reward.

Healing Springs
Visit every 30 minutes to heal your pet(s).

Play once once a day. You could also win booby items, neopoints, codestones, food or faeries.

Underwater Fishing
You might just catch a squid...

Wise Old King
Looks a lot like Grumpy Old King, but a lot shorter and wisdom words instead of a joke. Tell him words of wisdom once a day. Might give you a bonus if you get neopoints and you might get books.


Advent Calendar
Only works in December.

Check your Events
Check those events!

Check Neomail
Time to check your Neomail...

Council Chamber
Only available to those who completed the Altador Plot.

Garage Sale
The bargain garage!

Meridell Dump
Might just find something here that you need.

Money Tree
Balthazar's Mega Faerie Giveaway Bonanza 7 AM (NST): Get some faeries Balthazar has captured!
Health Frog Giveaway 7 AM (NST): Get some healthy snacks for your pet!
Muntando Fruit Around 10:45 (NST), Monday - AM or PM: Get some Muntando fruit. Raises your pets stats.
Chocolate Giveaway 5:50 PM (NST) on Sunday: Pretty straight-forward, right?
Good luck!

Smugglers Cove
Buy rare items here with dubloons!

Visit the Snowager at 6-7AM NST, 2-3PM NST and 10-11PM NST to get some treasure from his cave.

Stock Market
Careful buying stocks...

Soup Kitchen
If you have less than 2000 NP, visit here to feed your pets for free.

Wishing Well
Donate some NP, and you might just get your wish.

Need To Pay or Buy

Buried Treasure
Pay 200 NP to play once every 3 hours. Good luck on finding buried treasure!

Deadly Dice
You can only play Deadly Dice at 12 AM to 1 AM NST, you could lose levels or gain levels for your pet. (you can also get an avatar) Daily.

Guess the Weight
Guess the weight of the marrow. Once per day.

Lab Ray
Collect all 9 pieces of the lab map and redeem them at Treasure Map in the games room. Who knows what it'll do to your pet... (you can only zap your pet once a day)

Pick Your Own
Go to pick berries and keep 6 items for only 400NP.

Poogle Racing
Similar to Turdle Racing. Just with Poogles.

Shop of Offers - Slorg
Click the slorg to get 50 or 100 Neopoints free every day!

Shop Till
Check your till frequently if you've stocked items!.

Symol Hole
A petpet is required. You might get something good.

Test Your Strength
Play Test Your Strength every 6 hours for 100 NP.

Turdle Racing
You might just win...

If your petpet can wake him, he'll help your petpet or help you in some way. NOTE: Might eat your petpet. Be prepared to get a new petpet.

Scratchcard Kiosks

Halloween Scratchcard Kiosk
Pay 1200 NP per scratchcard every 6 hours.

Lost Desert Scratchcard Kiosk
Pay 500 NP per scratchcard every 4 hours.

Terror Mountain Scratchcard Kiosk
Pay 600 NP per scratchcard every 6 hours.


Wheel of Excitement
Spin only every 2 hours. Pay 150 NP per spin. Might get avatar.

Wheel of Knowledge
Spin once a day. 500 NP per a spin.

Wheel of Mediocrity
Spin every 40 minutes. Costs 50 NP per spin.

Wheel of Misfortune
Spin every 2 hours. Pay 100 NP per spin. Don't put any valuables in your inventory or they might get turned into sludge.

Wheel of Monotony
Spin every 24 hours. Costs 100 NP per spin. Very slow


Brain Tree
Complete two of the Esophagor's quests to get the answer you seek.

Employment Agency
Find a job! Refreshes every 10 minutes. You don't need a coupon for basic jobs.

Use the Esophagor to get your Brain Tree quest done, or just feed him.

Illusen's Glade
Help out good old Illusen, and you might get a reward.

Jhudora's Cloud
Mad at Illusen? Help out Jhudora, and you might get a reward.

Feed those poor kadoaties!

Kitchen Quests
Just get some ingredients, and you might be rewarded.

Snow Faerie's Quests
Help out Taellia, and she'll reward you.

Witch's Tower
Help out Edna, and get rewarded with items, NP or an avatar.


Mystery Island Training School
Train your pet! Until Level 250 that is.

Secret Ninja Training School
Need red codestone to train your pet here.

Swashbuckling Academy
Train your pet with dubloons! Until Level 40 that is.


Draik Nest
Wish I had a Draik...

Fungus Cave
Fungus! Just what your baby krawk needed!

Hidden Tower
Home to very expensive items!

Jelly World
Jelly world doesn't exist! *shifty eyes*

Sounds oddly like Atlantis...

Trap Door
Find some battledome challengers here...

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