Wheel of Monotony

By factboy818181

So here you are, staring at the wheel that goes round and round and round and never stops. You're pulling your hair trying to figure out when it'll stop.

Just follow the steps below to get your prize and to estimate when it'll stop:

1) Go to our Wheel of Monotony Calculator.

If the above doesn't work for you, just keep on reading:

1) Spin the wheel.

2) Go here to see how much time remains. The text should look something like username={yourusername}&server={message}&timeleft={somenumberwiththreezeroes}

3) Now to the time. Take off the last three zeroes in it, divide the remaining number by 60 and you should get the number of minutes left. 1 hour - 3 hours is normal.

4) To claim your prize, make sure the above URL says done. Then go to the prize page to see what it is.

You can only spin it once every 24 hours.

This is the list of prizes you can win:

1. Mazzew
2. Petpet Brush
3. Gourmet Food
4. Weapon
5. 5000 NP
6. Question Mark
7. Faerie Pancakes
8. Red Codestone
9. Bri Codestone
10. Volcano
11. Rock
12. Scroll/Poster
13. Lottery Ticket
14. Paintbrush
15. Beast
16. 20000 NP

I hope this guide will help you to not be as frustrated as you are about the wheel. :-P Good luck on a good prize!

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