Whack-A-Kass Guide

By Anthony

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General Game Info:

Description on Neopets
An evil villain is standing high above, in his floating citadel of death. He is plotting to destroy your land, so what do you do? Make a plushie that looks like him and hit it with a stick of course! Whack-A-Kass is the most popular sport in Meridell at the moment (for obvious reasons). To play, grab a plank of wood (or something roughly the same shape), wait for the wind to be in your favour, and press the left mouse button to send Kass flying. Hitting Kass over large distances may even unlock bonus levels! Good luck!

There is an avatar in this game, which is obtained by getting 850+ points.


40 NP per 100 points

Recommended Strategy:

What you have to do is hit the Kass plushie as far as you possible can. To start I recommend playing a few times before you send your score in. Click once to drop the Kass Plushie from the tree and click again to swing the bread, stick, or bat. Only hit the plushie when the wind reaches 9.

Try to hit the plushie when it's at the tip of your bat/stick/bread and press your left-mouse button down until it the plushie starts to fall. Holding the mouse button down stops the wings from moving, which reduces the air pressure.

Getting past each level:

Level 1 - You get to use a piece of bread to hit the Kass plushie. This is the easy level but it doesn't pay that many neopoints because you can't hit the Kass plushibe hard. To get the medium level you need to hit the Kass plushie 175 metres.

Level 2 - You get to use a stick instead of bread. This makes it so the Kass plushie goes much farther. To unlock Level 3, the last level, you need to hit the Kass plushie 450 metres. You can only get that far when using a stick and you get very lucky.

Level 3 - You get to use a bat instead of the stick and bread. This will make it so you can get the furthest distance.

Interesting Stuff and Tips:

Credits and Conclusion:

Credits to Dynamicneo for giving us this guide to use and to Anthony for writing the guide. Thanks very much!

Whack-A-Kass is a very addictive game. Don't play it forever! XD



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