Getting a Good Password

By factboy818181

This guide will teach you how to make a good password, to keep your account safe. :)

1) Try not to use words from a dictionary or simple words (eg. snow, neopets, mypet, etc) A hacker will always try to guess dictionary/simple words first because most people tend to use them.

2) Change your password often! Something like every week or every two weeks is good.

3) Try to use capital letters and lower-case letters in your password.

4) Try to have some numbers and letters (alphanumeric) in random order in your password, where allowed. This makes the hacker's job much much more difficult, which is good for you.

5) Try to have passwords that are 10-15 letters long (eg. 5646ahdrher2k)

6) Have a different password per each account. Even if one account's password fails, the hacker won't get the other accounts that easily.

7) If you can't remember your very long password, try to write it down and put it in a secure area so that your siblings or parents can't find it. ;) Don't save it on your computer, as your computer could crash or it could be infected with viruses.

8) Scan your computer frequently for spyware or viruses. Some spyware can log your passwords and send it to the hacker.

9) Try using ALT or special characters in your password. (Eg. , , ) where allowed.

10) Always check that you're typing in your password at If the address bar doesn't say in it, close the browser window and scan your computer for cookie grabbers, viruses and spyware.

Hope that you have a better password now, after reading all these pointers! XD

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