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By Melv140

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General Game Info:

Description on Neopets
After a successful raid on Krawk Harbour a small pirate ship tries to escape... however they didnt count on the Black Pawkeet, the most feared pirate ship of all.

You play Dorak, an enterprising young Krawk in a rowing boat. Try and salvage as much of the treasure as possible, but avoid the homing mines that are being fired from the Black Pawkeet. Use the left and right arrow keys to turn, up arrow key to accelerate and the down arrow key to reverse.

There is an avatar in this game, which is obtained by getting 800+ points.


600 NP per 100 points

Recommended Strategy:

You control a little boat with a little blue Krawk in it, and steer it in a small waterspace in order to pick up dubloons that were lost when your ship sunk. Steering is like this: when you go straight forward, you go very fast, but come to a stop when changing direction. BE AWARE OF THIS!!! But of course, it's not that simple - you have to avoid the oh-so-evil pirates' homing mines.

Every time you pick up a dubloon (different colours have different point values) a mine pops up in a random location. PAY ATTENTION when you pick up a dubloon as you have no idea where a mine will pop up - they could appear right in front of you, and BOOM, you're dead.

But it's not very smart to just go around and around the board picking up every dubloon you see as soon as possible while mines start filling the board. This only shortens your life span. No, no, there is a very simple strategy to this game...

You first start off with one coin in front of you, and no mines. You pick up the coin, and you get one mine. Pick up another, another mine. Now the tricky part, DON'T PICK UP THE THIRD COIN!!! Even if it's a 200 point coin, leave it for later. First you must deal with the mines.

The mines chase you in a very set pattern, getting faster the closer they get to you. What you must do is get them to blow THEMSELVES up before they blow you up. You have to lure them into each other. This is the whole "strategy" thing I was talking about.

Ok, you have two mines. They're both converging on you. If you sit in one place long enough, you'll notice that they can get very close to each other as they get very close to you. This is because their paths INTERSECT on you. If you move away from them, then their paths will intersect on each other, and they blow up, leaving you free to get the next 2 dubloons and repeat the process.

You must position your boat to form an isosceles triangle with them. (If you're shaky on your geometry, think an icicle - two sides are equal - or think of a V) They will come towards you, and get closer to each other in the process. When they get too close for comfort, run away to the other end of the board, AVOIDING the dubloon, and then they will follow you and eventually they will blow up.

Things you must remember:

Do this over and over and over and over (this is the patience part) and over until you can get a decent score. Once you get up to 167 points, you can stop as that'll get you 1000 Neopoints when you send your score in, which is the most you can get for each time you play the game.


Whirlpools can pop up occasionally instead of a mine. GET AWAY FROM IT, as it will suck you down along with all the mines on the board if you're not careful. Don't stop moving away from it until it disappears. Make sure to turn your boat to the direction opposite of the whirlpool and press the Move Up button on your keyboard, and your boat should move away from it. Whirlpools can be handy if you have a lot of mines on the board (though you shouldn't) as they suck all of them up.

Once you get the hang of this, the game doesn't seem as hard, just very long and frustrating (especially when you have 429 points and a mine pops up in front of you and you hit it).

Credits and Conclusion:

Credits to Dynamicneo for giving us this guide to use and to Melv140 for writing the guide. Thanks very much!


Type in "scallywags" (without the quotes, of course) once per game for a whirlpool. Type in "blackpawkeet" at the beginning of the game so you have more chances of getting valuable dubloons.

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